Wait, What?! Robin Thicke Allegedly Spent HOW MUCH on Pot?

8/5/2013 9:00 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
Hey, friends -- do you have that one person you know who basically adores weed? Like, they dress up for it, and commemorate holidays with it, and act like Bob Marley is weed incarnate? Their favorite movies are "How High" and "Half Baked"? Well rumor has it that this is what Robin Thicke is all about, because in a recent interview he was said to have dropped a whole ton of money on the drug: 

"I do smoke; I do everything I'm not supposed to do. Weed is my crutch, my muse, the lesser of all evil. I've spent a good £320,000 on pot.''

To be fair, £320,000 is just about half a mil in USDs. So that's a whole lot of pot, if, in fact, Robin is spending his time smoking, smoking, smoking. ... Wait, what were we talking about? Hey! Robin Thicke! He's cute, huh?
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