Here's a Leaked Lady Gaga Song -- It's Probably the Worst Thing You've Ever Heard, Right?

8/7/2013 8:00 AM PDT, by

You're probably thinking "oh, whatever, quit being so dramatic, there's no way this Lady Gaga song could actually be the worst thing I've ever heard." And if you are thinking that, then obviously you haven't listened to the song yet. So go ahead. Take a listen, finish up the whole thing, and then we'll talk. Sound good?

All right, so this is supposed to be a song from Lady Gaga's upcoming album. It's called "Burqa." It is terrible. It sounds like three different songs shoved together because of "art," and it's kind of embarrassing. If you disagree about the "embarrassing" part, please see the "Dance. Sex. Art. Pop" segment, and then refer to the absolutely moving section where she goes "ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha" forever. That should clear up any confusion.

Are any of you loving it though? If so, are you OK? Do you need to talk about it or anything?

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