Turns Out Simon Cowell Has Been Shady For a Lot Longer Than We Thought

8/7/2013 4:00 PM PDT, by
Yes, this is about that time that Simon Cowell knocked up his best friend's wife. Aren't you guys just loving this story? It's some "Days of Our Lives" business, and it's not stopping anytime soon. Because now we're learning that this wasn't some one night stand thing, or even a few nights ... guys, this relationship has allegedly been going on for four whole years.

Apparently what happened was Simon and the Silvermans made friends back in 2004, when they were on their honeymoon, and then in 2009, Lauren Silverman and Simon were reported to have started an affair. According to a source close to Lauren, the affair started because "Andrew always went on trips without her, [and] she felt he treated her like garbage." Because obviously you don't take your garbage on vacation.

The thing is, if you're just not into someone anymore, why can't you just end the relationship? If you fall in love with someone else, if you think your partner treats you poorly -- why can't you just end the relationship? And yeah, she might have been thinking about their young son, but what do you think would be more difficult: telling your kid that you're getting a divorce or telling your kid that you're getting a divorce because you're pregnant and it's all very complicated but you'll explain it all someday?

Good luck and all, but man. The baby is due in February, do you think they can manage to get it together before then?
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