Quotables: Who Wouldn't Want to See Kelly Rowland Naked?

8/8/2013 5:00 PM PDT, by
“I have to see myself naked! That’s all that counts. If I’m not happy with my naked body, who will be?”

--Kelly Rowland discusses the reason she works out, is also totally wrong.

Look, if working out makes you feel good about yourself, Kelly, then awesome. Go for it, girl. And you're right, your opinion is definitely what matters when it comes to your own body. But that bit about how if you're not happy with your naked body, who will be? That's not even any kind of correct.

Look, no matter who you are or what you like like, someone is going to be happy with your naked body. That's the way the world works. There really is someone for everyone, no matter what your weight, height, skin tone, or mole situation might be. Ladies, do you have some weird body hair issue that you're self conscious about, or maybe five or ten or a hundred extra pounds that keep you from being your ideal weight? It's cool, some dude thinks you're totally hot. Guys, are you feeling shy about that one long hair that's growing off your shoulder or are you freaking out about your junk situation? No problem, you're the bee's knees to someone.

Kelly, you're awesome, but everyone will be happy with your naked body. Literally everyone.
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