LeAnn Rimes is the Bully That She Doesn't Want You to Be

8/12/2013 6:30 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
So, it's another day, which means that another LeAnn Rimes social faux pas is unearthed where she ends up looking hypocritical and immature while continuing her quest to stick it to Brandi Glanville. What a gem. ... A gem filled with bitterness and nonsense, to be quite accurate. 

This time, however, LeAnn didn't just passive-aggressively slam Brandi on Twitter for, I don't know, not matching little ones' socks the correct way ("I would TOTALLY NEVER FOLD MY BOYS' SOCKS THAT WAY"), she showed her support for two fans wearing shirts that said "F--- Brandi." While that wouldn't normally be a thing to care about, because everybody knows how LeAnn feels about Brandi and vice versa, the problem is that the dudes in the photo had worn the shirts to LeAnn's recent concert stop, where Brandi's sons were rumored to be in attendance.

Nobody knows if LeAnn met the men in question at the concert, or if they merely posted the photo on Twitter and LeAnn happened to skulk around the interwebs, trying to find anything to support her anti-Brandi cause, but the fact remains -- LeAnn Rimes tries to portray herself as such an "advocate" of the anti-bullying movement, and then goes and deflates most of her credibility by being unable to contain her own hate (in a public forum, too) toward the mother of her beloved stepsons. 

Here's the screen grab if you don't want to take my word for it: 

Classy, LeAnn. Real, real classy. 


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