Hilary Duff Pulls A Lily Collins, Is A Shining Light in This Dark World

8/16/2013 8:00 AM PDT, by
You all love Hilary Duff, right? Please just say yes. She's Lizzie McGuire, all right? She's the genius who gave us "So Yesterday" and "Cadet Kelly." Also, look how gorgeous she is! No, just look! Even in this photo, which she took right in the middle of dyeing her eyebrows. So perfect, right?

Hilary captioned the photo "Getting my brows dyed.... Guys? Think ima leave em like this," which would be brilliant, right? Or, all right, maybe this look doesn't work so great for her right now, but if it means that more people are loving the epic Lily Collins eyebrow, then Hilary, honey, go for it. Go for it all day long.
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