The People Have Given Spike Lee Over A Million Dollars: Let's Weep

8/16/2013 11:00 AM PDT, by
Spike Lee
went and did it. He raised just over 1.3 million dollars on Kickstarter. Spike Lee, the famous, talented, connected filmmaker, managed to get a bunch of regular ol' people to fund his new movie. And that's weird.

We've already gone over the weirdness in detail-- but really, Spike Lee doesn't have a million dollars to make his own movie? He doesn't have connections? He really, honestly can't get someone to back one of his films? -- so let's just let Spike do his little happy dance right now: And now let's see him do it in video form! Be warned though, he says "motherf---er" a few times (he does apologize though!) and he also quotes Malcolm X to explain why he used Kickstarter. For real:

Is the world going crazy? Is the world actually going crazy?
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