Love It or Leave It: Kate Moss' Bronze Boobs Are the Hotness

8/17/2013 8:00 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
Is there anything much better than perky ol' boobs on a lazy Saturday morning? Nah, not really. Especially when they're Kate Moss' bronzed boobs, and while it would appear that she's wearing a bodysuit of maybe a plastic composite* (right? They're surely not her real breasts airbrushed with some kind of gold paint, right? Because if they are, damn) boobs are boobs are boobs. 

Verdict: Kate Moss looks great. And even if they're not really her boobs, they're probably somebody's, and yay boobies! 

*It is. It's a bodysuit, but you don't even need to know that. You can go on pretending that you didn't even read this little disclaimer, OK?
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