Quotables: Justin Bieber's Mom Still Doesn't Get It

8/18/2013 11:00 AM PDT, by
"When your kids hit a certain age your parenting style changes and it is hard letting go. His life was my life and now I've had to let him go a little bit and let him be independent. It is hard to not be able to control everything that your adult child does. Every parent worries. I text and call him every day. I definitely want to know everything that he is doing and what he is going through so I try to talk to him as much as he'll let me. I mean, he's on tour and being pulled in a million different directions but we talk as much as he is able. 
A lot of people might think that I have my head in the sand or that I am oblivious to the things my son is doing. I know who my son is and I don't always agree with every single thing that he does but I don't necessarily have to address that with everyone else. He's my son and I have to respect he is not going to want me going around being 'that mom' talking about his behavior." 

--Pattie Mallette, the woman who created Justin Bieber, discusses what has become of The Biebz.

Oh, what a strange little quote. She made sense for a little while, didn't she? And it probably is hard to watch your kid act out all his teenage douchery in front of the world. But isn't that last bit the greatest? The part about how she doesn't have to address Justin's actions and that  "I have to respect he is not going to want me going around being 'that mom' talking about his behavior." Because that's all she does. She wrote a book and actually titled it "The Story of Justin Bieber's Mom." Is this where Justin gets it from? Because this is hilarious.
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