Love It or Leave It: Beyonce Is Really Committing to This Weird Bob, Huh?

8/18/2013 1:00 PM PDT, by
A few weeks ago, Beyonce cut all her hair off. All of it. She was rocking a super short pixie, and she looked so good. Beyonce is beautiful no matter what -- really, she could probably get extensions made of garbage and conditioned in sewage and everybody'd be like "dang, girl!" -- but the short hair was just perfection. It really, really was. But before we even got to appreciate it, she went and got herself some extensions. So this is what we're working with now.

It's just not that great. Sure, there's the aforementioned "Beyonce's could have hair made of garbage" thing, but after seeing what could have been, this just will not do. It's just a style that can only look amazing if you take the time to style it and perfect it, and with all the dancing that Beyonce does in her show, this is not the ideal cut. It's cute, but no.

Verdict: leave it. Leave it with Beyonce's other extensions, and let the pixie rise again.

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