Aaron Paul From "Breaking Bad" Called Some of His Twitter Followers Because He is Perfect

8/19/2013 12:00 PM PDT, by
Aaron Paul
, everybody! What a guy. What a gift. Do you even know how amazing this dude is? Do you even have any idea? He's so amazing that yesterday, when the new episode of "Breaking Bad" came on, he tweeted to his followers that he'd call up the first ten people to leave their phone number. Just call them up and chat with them. Here's his original request:

Happy Breaking Bad day b----es! What's your number? Calling the first 10 people to answer questions. Ask me anything. #yeahb---- 

And here's the kind of chaos that ensued:

He asked if it was "vbizzlebee" then asked if I was crying and then I said he was my fav person ever and then he said he loved me

Has there ever been a greater celebrity in existence? Serious question. Also we can just fangirl over this dude in the comments. Let's get to it!

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