Hey, Heidi Klum, How About This Crazy Idea -- Why Don't You Get Naked on the Internet for a Change?

8/20/2013 8:45 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
So. SO. Is this what we have to look forward to as Heidi Klum gets older? A continuous (gratuitous, yay!) onslaught of completely naked photos to brighten up our daily lives? Because if it is, and she even insists on doing this beautiful thing 'til she's in her 70's and 80's, guess who's totally on board, elderly naked ladies or not. 

No, you know what? Don't. Don't even bother guessing, because all you're doing is wasting time that could be better spent leering and ogling this photo of Heidi Klum's bare body. You just go and think about how awesome a naked 82-year-old Heidi Klum is gonna be on your own time. Live in the moment, friends ... especially this one.
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