The End is Near

8/20/2013 6:00 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
0820_kanye_2Oh crap, guys -- is that a real smile from Kanye West? Could this be what Kanye West looks like when he's genuinely happy and at ease? Is this Fun Kanye? Kanye Without a Chip On His Shoulder or a Gash on His Forehead? Kanye, who still feels compelled to snatch up his pants and, by virtue, his junk every thirty seconds even though he's on a show that breastfeeding moms and Kylie Jenner fans who blew school's 2nd period off are watching? 

It is, friends. It is. This is your new Kanye West, who apparently can be manipulated and molded by the whirlwind force that is Kris Jenner and forced to appear -- happy! -- on her new talk show. 

The end really is near, huh?

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