Oh, Gross: Wilmer Valderrama is Creeping All Over Demi Lovato Again

8/20/2013 4:00 PM PDT, by
Everybody is aware of how creepy Wilmer Valderrama is, right? If not, first look at this picture, and then remember the time that Wilmer dated Lindsay Lohan when she was 18 (and don't forget the small detail about how they were seen together a bit when she was 17, then announced their relationship right after her 18th birthday), and then remember what happened to Lindsay. OK, then remember that Wilmer also dated Demi Lovato when she was 18, shortly before she went to rehab. Do you see a pattern? You certainly do. It's called "creepy."

There have been a few times when Demi and Wilmer were said to have been dating again -- keep in mind that Wilmer is 12 years older than Demi, which is a lot when you're a teenager -- and now, on Demi's 21st birthday, it looks like they could, yet again, be back on. Gross, gross, gross.

Check out this thing Wilmer tweeted: It's just not good. Once a dude manages to hook up with two barely legal Disney stars who have significant emotional issues and drug problems, it just doesn't look great for him, you know? It really, really doesn't it.

Can someone tell Demi all this, please? It's just that she's so great, and Wilmer is so shady. Thanks!
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