Very Serious Artist Kanye West is Going to Show Off His Baby on Kris Jenner's Talk Show

8/21/2013 8:00 AM PDT, by
Do you remember when Kanye West was a serious rapper? When people had a lot of respect for him? When people were all "yeah, he seems kind of obnoxious, but he's one of the best in the game right now"? When he attacked paparazzi because he wasn't into the attention?

That was the Kanye of yesterday. The Kanye of today has a child with Kim Kardashian, and he is showing her off on Kris Jenner's talk show.

Yeah, that interview that Kris did with Kanye, the one they recorded on Monday and that's airing on Friday? That's going to be North West's big debut! She's not going to be there herself, since she's really busy right now, but Kanye shows a photo of her. And just since we can't possibly wait two more days, someone who was there to see the photo blabbed to E! all about it:

"North is very beautiful. She has big cheeks, a lighter complexion than Kanye, but closer to Kanye's color than Kim's. She has straight black hair and almond eyes just like Kim. She has a round face and is really cute."

She does sound really cute! The same ol' blabber also blabbed about Kanye's reasoning for showing the first photo on Kris' show: he didn't want to sell it and he didn't want paparazzi to follow him so hard because he wants North to "be a normal kid." Yeah, good luck with that one, Ye.
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