Quotables: Miley Cyrus Gets Rilly Rill About Her Style!

8/21/2013 7:00 AM PDT, by
"You can just mix white trash and Chanel, that's me. That's my ultimate look. Pretty much everything is weird bondage stores except obviously my jewelry—gotta keep it classy with Chanel. I wear a lot of jewelry during the day, so I pretty much just come with my own jewelry, and give me some underwear to wear with it, and I call it a day."

--Miley Cyrus isn't afraid to admit the truth, and that's pretty admirable, huh?

By the way, that photo up there is one that Miley posted to Twitter. She tagged it "rehearsal." So is this the kind of thing she's going to be wearing this Sunday at the MTV Video Music Awards? Does that fit her "white trash and Chanel" style?

Oh, Miley. Never change. Unless you're changing into a more reasonable human being that doesn't feel the need to try so hard every minute of the day. Then just do that. 
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