EXCLUSIVE: 8 Reasons That Myla Sinanaj is the Best Person You Don't Know

8/21/2013 6:00 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor

So I sat down with Myla Sinanaj -- AKA former girlfriend of Kim Kardashian's ex-husband, Kris Humphries, and she had a lot of sweet, thoughtful things to say about life, and being compared to Kim Kardashian (which is OK on a certain level, of course). If any of that doesn't get your goat, then she also talks about her brand-new Vivid sex tape, "Myla Sinanaj: The Anti-Kim XXX," and Farrah Abraham, too, who you all know by now we don't look to fondly upon in these here parts. 

Check out Myla's exclusive interview: 

This is the first -- and only -- sex tape she's ever made:  

This is the first and only sex tape I have ever made, although I had talked about doing it with an ex in the past.

She really does want plastic surgery to look just like Kim Kardashian:  

I want to have my surgery because I'm in love with the body that Kim Kardashian had prior to her pregnancy -- especially her lips and stomach. The rest of the world is apparently obsessed with it as well, since they have all felt the need to call me the "Fat Kim K," or just fat in general. I love my curves. I'm not built to be a size 2, but there are areas I can work on.

She doesn't think she's any prettier than Kim Kardashian: 

I think everyone is pretty in their own way. She has had a lot of work done to her face; I'm just natural.

She thinks Farrah Abraham is a tool, too: 

Farrah and I are no longer friends because she has a nasty attitude toward others and it was embarrassing to be out with her in public. I don't treat people like they are peasants. She became extremely jealous when she found out that I had a [sex] tape as well, and freaked out thinking that I would take her "sales," since that's how she makes her money. I also can't stand fake people who lie about how much they make. It bothered me -- she lies about being a millionaire and yet she was begging me to go on sugar daddy cruises with her. Clearly you are not a millionaire if your basically escorting yourself. Not my cup of tea, so I had to cut her off.

When she's up against the wall, Rob Kardashian is her favorite Kardashian man: 

That's a funny question. If I had to choose [which Kardashian man to hook up with,] it would be Rob, but it wouldn't last long -- he lets his family control everything he does. I'd be over that in a week.

Where she'll be in 10 years: 

To be honest, I don't know. I can tell you what I hope, though -- it's to be successful with the clothing line I started 2 years ago, and maybe to have a career in entertainment. Hosting and interviewing is something I would love to get into. I'm easygoing and easy to talk to, but we all know in life that what we want and what actually happens isn't always what we planned. We always end up where we were meant to, even if it wasn't what we thought [to begin with]. 

On her real name: 

My real name is Fatmire, but I have been called Myla my entire life. I think I was told [Fatmire] stood for "my little angel." When people call me by my real name, it throws me off because no one calls me that.

On the being called the "fat" Kim Kardashian: 

... The world we live in is so obsessed with putting others down. There are people that live on these blog sites and go read every article then go hunt the people down on their social networks, feeling the need to call them fat, ugly, or even wish death upon them in my case. It's sad because so many people kill themselves everyday because of online bullying, yet people still are bullying total strangers online while hiding behind their keyboards. I'll never understand that. ... It gets to you after a while and you start to look at yourself and become insecure and even seeing thing as worse than they really are. People tell me I have a beautiful body [Editor's Note: she really, really, really does], but it's hard when you're 5'7" and they put your picture next to someone who's 5'2", saying you're fat when the height alone makes you appear bigger than you are.

Here's a special message right from Myla, guys, if you weren't already convinced that she's kind of adorable:

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