Karrueche Tran Has Photographic Evidence That Chris Brown Is The Worst

8/22/2013 4:00 PM PDT, by
Karrueche Tran
, the third point on that ugly love triangle that also included Chris Brown and Rihanna, has got to be one dull girl. Why else would she be with Chris? And why else would she think this is funny? "This," by the way, is that ugly graffiti Chris did all over her car. 

This girl posted this photo on Instagram, and here's what she had to say about it:

this what the f--- I come home to lmao this n-gga man

Is this really deserving of an "LMAO"? Not really. Defacing someone's property usually gets a "WTF?" or maybe even a "GDIAF," but definitely not a "LMAO." This girl might be a little more than dull, huh?
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