It's Time to Start Emotionally Preparing Yourself for Tomorrow Night's VMAs

8/24/2013 1:00 PM PDT, by
Did you think you were going to have a calm, cool weekend with lots of hanging out and zero stress? Did you think you'd just chill out, maybe watch "Breaking Bad" or "Sister Wives" or something? Sorry, friends. Not going to happen. The MTV Video Music Awards are tomorrow night, and that means you are going to be way, way busy watching that parade of hot messes.

Miley Cyrus is going to be there! See that picture? It's hard to tell if it's from some sort of rehearsal or if she's just partying because she just labelled the photo "#TURNT," but this is obviously the state of mind she's going to be in. Can you handle that? You're going to have to.

And here's a photo that Lady Gaga posted from one of her rehearsals:

Of course, right? So very, very ART. Can you handle that? She's the opening act, so get that game face on, you hear?

And then there's the biggest news of the past billion years: NSYNC might be reuniting for the show! Like a performance and everything. That's the rumor, so if you can stand it, let that joy seep into your heart. Bet you don't feel so relaxed now, huh? Bet you feel about a few dozen kinds of pumped.

See y'all tomorrow!
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