Kelly Clarkson Knows What She's Talking About

8/26/2013 8:46 AM PDT, by
All right, so you know how everybody felt uncomfortable and violated and strangely sad after Miley Cyrus' already legendary VMA performance? How everybody is in some weird state of shock this morning, having all these upsetting flashbacks about twerking and tongues and teddy bears? It turns out that that reaction isn't just limited to us normal folks. Nope, Kelly Clarkson also has strong feelings about what happened to us all last night: And don't even try to get her take it back: DANG. That obviously couldn't have been about anybody but Miley, right? How catty was that? It might even be borderline mean, until you think about it for a minute and realize that it's kind of a fact and also that Miley will probably take it as a compliment. But seriously, way to go Kelly, right?

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