Madonna Will Wear Her Stupid, Embarrassing Grill TO THE GRAVE

8/26/2013 10:00 AM PDT, by
Do you even know what it means to be dedicated to something? To believe in something so much that you'd be willing to risk everything for it? To never stop fighting for it, no matter what the consequences may be? Madonna knows. Madonna knows because of her grills.

She posted this brand new photo of herself with her best friend, her grill, just a little bit ago, and here is the brave declaration that she made along with it:

The Grilzz Are here to. Stay! So There! If you Don't like don't follow!

There you go, y'all! If you don't like her grill -- sorry, sorry "The Grilzz" -- then you don't have to follow, SO THERE! Oh, and totally unrelated fact: Madonna is 55 years old. She is a grown, extremely successful 55 year old woman who happens to love "The Grillz" and is completely incapable of making a competent, grammatically correct statement about her love of "The Grillz." SO THERE.

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