EXCLUSIVE: Myla Sinanaj's Brand-New Music Video is a Welcome Departure From Last Night's VMA Horror

8/26/2013 1:00 PM PDT, by Sarah Taylor

If you have a heart in your chest, and love in your soul, and a general appreciation for things that do not require twerking post-adolescents with tongue enlargement issues and foamy finger fetishes for married men dressed as Beetlejuice, then friends, this video is for you. 

Myla Sinanaj, the Anti-Kim Kardashian, has teamed up with Adam Barta to bring you this joyous little ditty, "I'm No Angel." The song, her musical debut, is about life in the spotlight, and how she's examined and judged by the media for being who she is (unfair, all right? Everybody deserves a chance, don't they?). 

And honestly, arriving on the heels of what happened at last night's Video Music Awards, or as we're calling them around these parts, "Miley Cyrus' House of Never-Ending Horrors," this is but a peacefully enticing respite to encourage belief that music can, once more, be fun. 

If you weren't already convinced that Myla's got a lot more going on than what most people think, then just check her interview out. And while you're at it, check yourself, too, all right?
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