Poor, Sweet Taylor Swift is Sweet

8/26/2013 12:00 PM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
What's even happening there? Well, realistically, probably nothing -- because Taylor Swift + Justin Timberlake don't exactly = sparks. But it is curious, right? How Taylor's leaning into Justin all intimate-like? (... Or rather, wannabe-intimate-like, because let's be honest -- Timberlake doesn't really seem to be all that into it, as you can see.) It's kind of weird and funny all at the same time how in the first photo Taylor comes all close for the sultry, husky "Good job!" and then in the second photo, Justin's like "Whoa, girl, back it up a hot second, there're cameras around, back up off it," and then in the final shot, it's all "Aww, poor, sad Taylor Swift -- let's look at her the way we'd look at a child who doesn't even know any better." 

Taylor looked super pretty and all last night, but as far as hot goes, one -- ahem -- might say that Jessica Biel has this girl over a barrel. 

Who would you rather? 

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