Love It or Leave It: Lindsay Lohan Looks Amazing

8/27/2013 1:00 PM PDT, by Sarah Taylor

Guys, look -- it's Lindsay Lohan and she looks gorgeous, and happy, and above all, healthy! Isn't it so refreshing to see her not all glazy-eyed and horrifyingly gaunt and pale? It sure is ... and if being sober is a real thing that's going to stick for her, and she's made this kind of progress in the short time that she's been sober, there might be a real chance that we'll see a full-fledged Lindsay Lohan revival happening real, real soon. 

... She just needs to stop with the "Canyons"-type movies and she might be all right.

Verdict: Love it. She looks awesome, but since you likely have eyes of your own, you probably already know that.  

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