Lady Gaga's Newest Music Thing is Actually Pretty Good

8/29/2013 6:00 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor

So, all right. The lyrics, to be quite frank, aren't great. They're this: "I know you want me. You're just a pig in a human's body. Squealer, squealer, squeal out! You're so disgusting. You're just a pig inside. Swine." Not genius, you know? But the music is pretty great -- kind of Pink Floyd-esque -- and Gaga's little demonstration on the drums was pretty great, too. 

The video is from a rehearsal for the iTunes Festival, which is going to be on September 1st in London, so you can assume that the full performance will be floating around sometime thereafter. 

If absolutely nothing else, the song is curious ... and it could be her best "ARTPOP" single yet, huh? 

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