Dr. Laura Needs to Retire -- NOW

8/30/2013 6:00 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
Dr. Laura Schlessinger -- a conservative radio host -- just slammed Miley Cyrus for being a "disgusting little pig" and "little miss piece of s---," whatever that second thing even means. Seriously, "Little Miss Piece of S---"? An adult actually said that? Grow up, Schlessinger. 

Naturally, Dr. Laura was referring to Miley's twerking incident on the VMAs, and when cornered about her take on it, she said, “There is a place for the Miley Cyrus’ of this world … and it’s in whorehouses and bars! And if you are a parent who takes your kids to see her, you are a moron and you should lose your parental rights!”

First of all, no. No. If you have a concern, Dr. Laura, this is not the way to air it. This is not the way to go about being taken seriously, especially when you're talking about a 20-year-old girl. Miley's performance was not overtly sexual, it was overtly uncomfortable. It was not overtly whorish, it was overtly sad. Slamming her by calling her sexist names and squawking that parents should be stripped of their rights for taking their children to see Miley's performances? That's possibly even worse than calling her a "pig" who belongs in a "whorehouse." 

You're 66 years old, Laura. You've probably got grandchildren Miley's age, or will someday. Take a step back, get off your high horse, and put the mic down. Even if they LOLed all week long at Miley's performance -- and they did -- not many reasonable people are going to come forward and have your back. You're just as pitiful as Miley's performance was ... but in a majorly different way.
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