Quotables: Miley Cyrus Might Have Just Explained Her Whole Weird Problem!

9/1/2013 12:00 PM PDT, by

“I have so many f---ing issues. I am so f---ed up -– everyone does dumb stuff when they are messed up. I don’t have a normal life. I take a hiatus every now and again, but I’m not good at that. All I do is work, so I eat to live and to keep going. People are impressed with me ­because I can sleep for just 45 minutes -- I’m used to it. Because I work so much, I’m always on the road so I eat healthily. I have to give my body what it needs to keep going and if you don’t then you will crash and burn. I don’t get to work out. I do yoga and 30 push-ups every day and try to get my mind right.”

--Miley Cyrus allegedly reveals what everyone already knew: girl's got issues.

Everyone is aware that Miley can't stop, and she won't stop, and she owns the night or whatever, but can't she just take a break from being 'bout that life? In her own wise words, "we run things, things don't run we," so can't "we" just go chill somewhere for a while? It's not going to happen anytime soon, of course, because #BANGERZ, but maybe around Christmastime she could stop for a while? Just regroup, maybe try to remember how to keep her tongue in her mouth? It would good for us all, I think. Every single one of us.

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