Demi Lovato is the Anti-Miley Cyrus Voice of Reason

9/4/2013 8:00 AM PDT, by
It's official: Demi Lovato, amazing singer, beautiful lady, and all around wonderful person, has joined Harry Styles and his anti-twerking brigade! Do you know what this means? It means that Demi Lovato could get together with Harry Styles to discuss their plans for protest and rebellion, and in the midst of all that passion, they could develop a passion for each other, and then they could fall in love (they would be adorable together, right?) and then they would start a war between pop stars where Miley Cyrus would likely be angered, for she is Queen of the Twerk, and Taylor Swift would be devastated, for she maybe still has residual feelings for Harry. Oh, but it also means that Demi just really, really wishes all the twerking would go away.

Here is Demi's battle cry: We feel you, girl. We really, really do. But as long as Miley Cyrus exists, we cannot stop talking about twerking. It simply cannot be done. We love you though, all right? Don't think that we don't love you. And please figure out how to get together with Harry Styles, you would seriously be so incredibly sweet together. Thanks!
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