Can Someone Please Go Make Friends With Poor, Lonely Nick Carter?

9/5/2013 3:00 PM PDT, by
Did you ever think in 1999 that Nick Carter, the hottest, dreamiest Backstreet Boy that ever was, would have to beg for attention? Of course not, because OMG NICK CARTER. But 2013 is more different than we ever thought it would be, and this former Tiger Beat centerfold (don't act like you don't remember the glory) just doesn't have it anymore: Guys, can you seriously not give up one second of your busy lives to Skype with Nick Carter? Honestly, you're disappointing everybody here, and you're really just cheating yourself. So do yourself a solid, hop on Twitter, and give poor Nick your Skype address. Have a heart. Make an old pop star feel loved again.
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