Quotables: Joe Jonas Doesn't Think Too Highly of Taylor Swift, Either, It's OK

9/7/2013 2:00 PM PDT, by Sarah Taylor

“I think it’s me and a few others, but yeah, [I dumped Taylor Swift]."

--Joe Jonas to Joan Rivers on -- gasp! -- having the stones to dump Taylor Swift via text message. It's apparently confirmed that it literally happened, guys, and not only that, but Joe went a step further and threw in "and a few others" as a backhanded insult for good measure, because LOL. 

Honestly speaking though, it's a tough one. One, if you look at it from Taylor's perspective (try -- just for a second, put your eye-rolling away and try; I'll do it with you, we've got this as long as we're together), it's kind of embarrassing that the dude who dumped you in a text message admits it to the world. It's kind of rude, and it's sort of demeaning, and Taylor's probably not all that happy right now.

From Joe's perspective, however? Taylor did allegedly write a few songs about him and his mobile-dumping ways, and maybe he sees this as her comeuppance.

In any case, man. What a douche for dumping his ex-girlfriend over the damn phone, and what a crybaby for continuously writing songs about silly little boys who don't even know better. 

LOL though, right?   
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