Aww, James Franco Was an Adorable Kiss-Ass at 14, Too!

9/10/2013 12:45 PM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
Oh guys, you're not even going to be able to get past the magnitude of this adorableness that James Franco unknowingly bestowed upon us some 21 years ago, and not even in a backhanded kind of "Har har har, James Franco used to be an adorable douchebag and DOUCHEBAG," no -- this is actually really cute and really sincere, and even if his parents made him write this eloquent apology letter to a man whose property James egged, so be it. 

Check it out

Adorable, right? But also, "Ted" Franco? What's that business? Good thing he changed his mind about that "Ted" business and went with "James" as his professional name when all was said and done with. ... Not that there's anything wrong with "Ted," to all the Teds out there, it's just that there's no way in hell James could have ever not been branded a forever-douche with a name like "Ted Franco" and a face like ... well, like James Franco's.

Too cute, though, right?  
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