Love It or Leave It: Jenny McCarthy Apparently Never Heard the Term "Less is More"

9/11/2013 3:15 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor

Here's Jenny McCarthy, guys, and if you haven't already seen every square inch of her body, there might be some skin on the underside of one of her boobs that you might have missed one night when you fell asleep at the computer Googling "Jenny McCarthy nudes through the years." 

On a serious note, Jenny -- as a whole -- looks good. Jenny basically always looks good. But this 40s throwback getup with the shoes she borrowed from Rachel Leigh Cook's character in "She's All That" back in '99? Not so great. The flower in her hair doesn't do her any favors, and while the obvious better part of this photo is cleavage, the rest is just not so great. Tacky, to be truthful. 

Verdict: Leave it. You're a pretty lady, Jenny. You can do better than this, you know?


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