Oh Crap, Does Taylor Swift Have a New Love Interest?

9/11/2013 6:00 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
It was really only a matter of time, guys, that Taylor Swift hopped back up on the horse of love and rode it 'til it died from being ridden. It was inevitable. Taylor's got to make some new music, and who really wants to hear about the same old relationships over and over and over again? It just doesn't make good business sense for Taylor Swift to be single for too long a period of time, and now sources to the New York Post are saying that the guy Taylor's cozying up to in the above photo -- Australian actor Brenton Thwaites -- is allegedly a brand-new knight in shining armor. Pardon while we go swoon, all right?  

The two were said to "hit it off" and were also two of the last guests to stick around at the NYC Soho House, which was hosting a Toronto International Film Festival after party. The alleged eyewitness who spoke to the Post also said that Taylor was acting flirty and "covering" Brenton's eyes, because yes, peekaboo is sexy when you're Taylor Swift and/or 13 years old. 

As for Brenton, he's cute enough ... and he's an "actor on the rise," so it makes sense that he might be interested in Taylor. Imagine what she could do for his career that, you know, starring alongside Angelina Jolie in "Maleficent" couldn't.  

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