You're Gonna Die When You See How Non-Edgy Taylor Momsen Has Become

9/11/2013 11:00 AM PDT, by
See that intense, pouty little face right there, the one with enough makeup for four preteens at the Hot Topic and enough sass for ten? That's Taylor Momsen. Or at least, that's the Taylor Momsen we used to know. Here we all thought that she'd probably just go the Avril Lavigne route, applying unnecessary amounts of eyeliner and ridiculousness well into adulthood, but you know what? We were wrong. So, so wrong.

Here's Taylor now:

What a stunning difference, right? I'm not really sure why she's holding her head like that -- it's actually probably because it's so much lighter without all the weight of the "hardcore" makeup and she's not used to it yet -- but regardless, doesn't she look great?
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