Stars Without Makeup: Beyonce is Heartbreakingly Flawless

9/12/2013 6:15 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
So if you've ever wondered what Beyonce looks like without makeup, and what Jay-Z gets to deal with on the regular, then here it is, folks -- this is Beyonce on vacation like this lucky, lucky lady who looks absolutely stunning when she doesn't wear makeup (and who gets to go on vacation basically whenever she wants, because she's Beyonce, ffs). And you know, she looks so good right here that she maybe looks even better than she looks with makeup, and that's not even close to being an exaggeration. 

Whatever, Bey. We know you're gorgeous and all, all the time -- do you really need to rub our noses in it so hard, girl? (Thank you, though. Thank you.)
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