Love It or Leave It: Well, at Least You Tried, Michelle Pfeiffer

9/13/2013 8:00 AM PDT, by
For some completely unfathomable reason, this is what the timeless beauty known as Michelle Pfeiffer decided to wear to the world premiere of her new movie, "The Family." There's really no arguing the "timeless beauty" part -- she's 55 and bangin' -- but it's just that she's wearing a purple velvet pantsuit. And that's not OK.

Can anybody explain Michelle's thought process here? Or even begin to explain it? This outfit looks like something you'd see on discount after Halloween in between the piles of fake spiders and itchy capes, and while that might be a fun idea for dress up time, it's not a fun idea for the world premiere of your new movie.

Verdict: leave it in that discount bin, Michelle. You're better than this.
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