UPDATED: If There is a God in Heaven, Justin Bieber Won't Be in the New "Batman" Movie

9/14/2013 8:00 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
Updated: We can all rest easy -- for now, maybe: Justin Bieber probably won't be playing Robin in the new "Batman" movie, friends. Justin posted this on Twitter, hours before the Instagram photo: So in short, it might not actually be happening. Every nightmare you ever had might not actually come true in one horrific moment, and that's good news. But still ... it wouldn't be too far a stretch of the imagination if this little rumor did turn out to be true, because man -- what a crapshoot this movie's going to be anyway. 

Guys, this is not even cool -- Justin Bieber put this picture up on Instagram with the hashtag #Robin? and if that means that he's auditioning -- or worse, getting -- the role of Robin in the new "Batman Vs. Superman" which also stars Ben-frigging-Affleck in the role of Batman, then you know who doesn't even want to live on this planet any more? This girl. 

It was bad when Ben was announced to be filling the shoes that men like the legendary Michael Keaton and the super talented Christian Bale had worn, but the very idea of Justin Bieber having anything to do with a much-loved franchise like "Batman"? 

It's over, guys. Pack your bags, it's time to go.
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