Heidi Klum Needs Attention Too, Y'All!

9/16/2013 1:00 PM PDT, by
Heidi Klum
seems like a sweet lady, right? She's absolutely gorgeous, obviously, and "Project Runway" is pretty great, oh, and she and Seal used to throw some killer Halloween parties, so she's probably at least halfway all right. But this thing she said about Miley Cyrus? It's just dumb. Sorry, but it is.

"I'm sort of in between chairs. On one side, I like that she pushes the envelope and she owns it. There is right now no one who is like her. But at the same time, do I want my girls to dress like that? I don't. Do I want my girls to look up to the way she performs? No, I don't. I have to say I am a little in between chairs. I think as an artist you have to have your own [expression] and not copy someone and express yourself and that's what she's doing. I'm a little here and a little there." 

Look, can we get past being absolutely scandalized by Miley already? She's wacky, we got it. She can be super annoying. Her twerking schtick is awkward. She's trying to show everyone that she's a grown up. But she didn't murder anybody, and she's not going to be the downfall of society. Please can we just stop acting like she's dangerous or something and go back to talking about how ridiculous she is?

Also, Heidi, your daughters are nine and three. If you have to worry about them dressing like Miley and looking up to the way she performs, you probably have some bigger fish to fry, girl.
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