More Proof of James Franco's Awesomeness: He's Basically Doing Our Jobs for Us

9/19/2013 11:00 AM PDT, by
We don't know exactly what happened, or what changed, but we do know this: James Franco is no longer a giant douche monster. Somehow, he's stopped being one of the most ridiculous people and he's started being just wonderful. And this little thing he's doing now, these Instagram collages of paparazzi-ish photos with sensational captions, well, it's obviously cementing that "wonderful" status.

He posted that one photo you see above yesterday, see how cute? He posed for all these photos with this mystery guy, along with that one super awkward kiss, and tagged Gawker in it. He also posted two more of these photos, both of him in a car with a girl, and he wrote such thoughtful things like "FRANCO TRYST! Who's the guuurl??" and "Look closely, MR. ROAD HEAD!" over them and tagged different gossip sites. Just a little while ago, he posted this charming thing:

Thanks for the laughs, James Franco. Hope that really is Miley Cyrus. Please continue being great.

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