Not Even Mel B Getting Naked in Her New Video Could Make It Awesome

9/19/2013 9:00 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor

So, uh, sorry for all of the discomfort, but this is Melanie Brown's new video for her single, "For Once in My Life," and while the song is OK (when you compare it to a lot of other musical things that are happening in the world of pop today), the video falls flat. Mel pulls each and every possible gimmick she can, from making out with another girl (herself), to stripping off totally naked. 

The underlying "life transformation" theme is pretty good, and it sends a positive message, but all of the other more overt attempts kind of overshadow any good you really might want to siphon out of it. 

On the whole, it's fun, but it's kind of disappointing, truth be told.

Keep trying, though -- everybody knows you've got it in you to be great, girl!  
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