Get Ready to Lay Your Childhood Innocence to Rest: SPICE GIRLS ORGY!

9/20/2013 7:00 AM PDT, by
Depending on your age, taste in music, and willingness to admit super embarrassing highlights of your childhood, there's a pretty decent chance that you used to be completely and utterly obsessed with the Spice Girls. You probably had your favorite girl, and you probably made up dances to all the songs and maybe you even put together an awful, budget mess of a Halloween costume so that for one blessed night, you too could be one of those legendary ladies. You probably never considered the possibility that, behind the scenes, they were all making out with each other like a bunch of horny animals.

But they were! At least according to Melanie Brown (Mel B, duh), who told Howard Stern all sorts of weird stories. He asked if she was attracted to any of the other girls, and she answered with "always. They're my homies," and that's innocent enough. But then things got a little more real:

“I kissed all of them, yes. I got my tongue pierced and I wanted to try out my tongue piercing and so I kissed them all.”

But what about .. what about more than kissing?

“Back in the day I had fun.”

Oh GOD. RIP, childhood. RIP, innocence and wide-eyed wonder. You died so that uncomfortable images and broken dreams could live. Hope you're happy, Mel B.
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