LeAnn Rimes STILL Doesn't Get It

9/22/2013 10:00 AM PDT, by
Isn't it so crazy how, after all this time, LeAnn Rimes is so unaware of what it is she does that upsets people? It's like she's just walking around, totally oblivious that a lot of what she does is wrong and rude and just plain ignorant. And this weekend, she did a whole, whole lot of that.

It started when someone tweeted -- not even at her, either -- a quote about Brandi Glanville from a "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" preview. Here's what she said: That was dumb, right? This was a message that wasn't about her, it wasn't to her, and it didn't involve her at all, yet she still felt the need to comment on it. And when some good citizens tried to explain to her why it was wrong of her, she just couldn't understand: Well, what a whirlwind of nonsense and foolishness. See, even when people try to explain it in a calm, rational way -- "you shouldn't say negative things about your stepchildren's mother, LeAnn" -- she's still a hot mess of ridiculousness. It just doesn't make sense, does it? Something just doesn't add up.
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