The Whole World Could Learn a Thing or Twelve From M.I.A.

9/24/2013 6:50 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor

Are there so many more beautiful and more eloquent and more intelligent, socially-conscious ladies in the music business these days besides M.I.A.? Because here's a hint: no. No, there aren't. 

The above video gives you some background on what's happening with your favorite "Paper Planes" singer lately, and it's still that pesky, good-old-boys NFL trying to sue the pants off of girlfriend for flipping the bird during last year's Super Bowl performance thing. It's still happening, and it's still just as absurd as it was 9 months ago, guys, but M.I.A's fighting back -- she filmed this video discussing her point of view on the suit, and presented some thought-provoking information that there's a larger, more ridiculous power at play here than you might have originally thought.

M.I.A. speaks about her middle finger-throwing at the event, and claims that it wasn't her middle finger that was offensive -- because come on; it's a frigging gesture, not unlike the gesture that Miley Cyrus pulled on the also-live VMAs and nobody's suing Miley, are they? -- but that it was the underaged local cheerleaders being exploited and forced to gyrate to oversexed choreography in an inappropriate setting that was actually the offensive thing. 

The NFL is seeking $1.5 million dollars from M.I.A. and if life is fair,  then they don't get a damn dime. We can hope, right?
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