Another Day, Another Series of Immature, Attention Seeking Tweets from LeAnn Rimes!

9/28/2013 8:30 AM PDT, by
You're probably never going to believe this, but yesterday afternoon, last night, and this morning, LeAnn Rimes has been on Twitter, tweeting catty things about Brandi Glanville. I know, I didn't believe it either! But she is, and it's silly, so let's talk about it!

The whole thing started when LeAnn heard that thing that Brandi Glanville said about how hard it was to deal with LeAnn trying to hijack her family. It started with this: Because everyone can tell that's a really mature thing to say, right? Because just ignoring it isn't an option when you're LeAnn Rimes. It also isn't an option to NOT stay on Twitter all day and talk about it: OK, and then after that, someone responded to that very first tweet, the smart ass one, and asked her if she saw what was going on, and LeAnn answered "didn't see anything been working," like she was talking about something else the whole time. She also said that her tongue bleeds "on the daily," because lord knows she never talks about any of this. And then she had to post a few pictures, like the one you saw at the beginning of this mess, which she captioned "some individuals have it backwards. #justsaying," because har har, Brandi's lying. She also posted a photo of her Halloween decorations, saying "my hubby is the cutest" for decorating, and a photo of her closet, because her "sweet husband" got someone to organize it. It's just ... really?

And of course it's not over, she had to rub it in more: And THEN LeAnn replied to a tweet that's since been deleted by saying "there's levels to this s--- lol just heard my new jam," and then another woman tweeted that "this is EXACTLY wut this ass told me..said Me n my kids deserve our 'asses whooped' LEANN says its her new jam," so she's saying the original tweet was about that and LeAnn was into it? I don't even know, but regardless, this is an amazing display of foolishness and ... nope, basically just foolishness.

LeAnn, honey, just quit, all right? Ignore it. Why can't you just ignore it? For the love of everything, just ignore it
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