Aww, James Franco Was Doing So Well for a Minute

10/7/2013 10:00 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor

James Franco
, right? He was almost out from that painful, annoying spot underneath our skin and into our hearts, guys, but in this new video, we're exposed to the pompous thoughtlessness that generally encompasses everything that James stands for. A pity, too, because he was becoming so damn adorable

See, in the clip, he's arriving at LAX. And if you've ever arrived at LAX, then you probably feel his pain -- especially if you had checked baggage to wait for, dear God -- because LAX is a s---show of an organizational failure, truth be told. It's no wonder he was cranky. Who even knows -- maybe he had a bad flight. Maybe somebody kept kicking the back of his seat, and maybe he's got this thing with turbulence. There could be a whole slew of reasons why James might not be having such a great day. 

But the bottom line is that it's just as easy to give a halfhearted -- even backhanded! -- smile/grimace than it is to tell someone "F--- off," and that's exactly what James Franco did (the second thing, not the first, of course).

Too bad, James Franco; so sad.  

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