Kaley Cuoco's Engagement Just Got a Little Less Bananas

10/7/2013 3:00 PM PDT, by
Our dear, sweet, darling Kaley Cuoco, the lady who got engaged after barely three months of dating, who accepted the marriage proposal right after a fight, no less, is finally, at long last, starting to make sense. Doesn't that just give you so much relief? We can all go back to watching "Big Bang Theory" obsessively without those nagging thoughts of "Oh, Penny, you're too silly in real life."

Here's what Kaley said when asked about her wedding:

"We are too busy to wedding plan. In a year we will start talking about it. We are enjoying being engaged." 

See how much better you feel about the whole thing already? The long engagement makes the quick engagement seem less worrisome, so now we can all just sit back and feel happy for this girl. And hey, let's not mention how weird it is that her dude picked a fight with her the night he proposed, all right? Let's just try being happy for now.

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