Paris Hilton's New Video is Flat Out Atrocious

10/8/2013 7:55 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor

You remember how we talked about Paris Hilton's collaboration with Lil Wayne the other day, right? Well, the video has finally dropped -- along with the full song, of course -- and it's so, so awful. It's even worse than awful, and it goes beyond that, too. It actually begins to tread into "Is this a joke?" territory, but sadly, Paris Hilton probably didn't even intend for that to happen. 

As for Lil Wayne's part of the melee, what was he even thinking? God, just because he raps about getting laid and walking up to somebody's big butt -- God knows it's not any butt ever belonging to Paris -- doesn't give him the cred that he thought it might, trying to appeal to Paris' club music-loving (?) audience.  

On the whole, what a big, awful, embarrassing nightmare. Go back to designing purses or whatever, Paris, because music is not, and never will be, your thing.

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