Quotables: Charlize Theron Cries Over Her Son, We Cry Over How Perfect Charlize Theron Is

10/9/2013 3:00 PM PDT, by
"It's different. 
It's definitely different, because you start thinking about the legacy that you want to leave behind for your child…I want him to be proud of me in a way that's authentic. That he could look at what I've done with my life and think that in an authentic way that was meaningful."

--Charlize Theron discusses her son, Jackson, and how important it is to be a good person for him. And guys, she also cried.

This whole thing went down at this Power of Women event, where Charlize got an award for being amazing and philanthropic and beautiful. And guys, during her acceptance speech, she said another thing that will totally make you tear up, this time about her mom:

"It's impossible for me to accept this award because there's someone here so much more powerful than me. I hope you're OK with me giving this award to my mom. That b---- was building roads in Africa when no woman was doing that. I thank you, Mom, for teaching me by your actions how to be a strong woman, and for turning me into a p---- every time I talk about you."

Thanks, Charlize. No, it's cool, no one wanted to do anything today besides cry anyway, so it's cool. Appreciate it. 
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