Kendall Jenner Would Probably Be Locked in a Closet if She Were a Normal 17-Year-Old

10/10/2013 3:30 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
Are there many, many more inappropriate young people besides Kendall Jenner? Well sure. Kendall definitely isn't the first 17-year-old celebrity who's been overexposed in the past (consider Courtney Stodden, Taylor Momsen ... put your thinking caps on and let's come up with some more), and unfortunately, she probably won't be the last. 

As it's becoming more apparent, kids are gonna be kids, and with the popularity of social media and photos that render instant gratification, it's all too tempting for some adolescents: they can't keep the figurative "it" in their pants long enough to realize that, hey -- it might not be such a great idea to snap photos of ourselves in our intimate-looking loungewear and share it online where literally millions and millions of people can ogle it and think less-than-savory thoughts about our already oversexualized soon-to-be adults. 

Of course, nobody's saying that these teens are blameless, because come on -- you remember what it was like when you were a teenager, too -- but what they are saying is that somebody (you know, like a parental figure, maybe) should intervene and explain why all this oversharing isn't such a great idea. How it kind of sets a poor example for younger siblings and other up-and-coming teen stars. And their fans. ... And their parents, who become desensitized to it, and begin thinking it's a normal, acceptable thing. 

It's an epidemic, guys. If you have kids, teach them now -- keep your clothes on and quit with the virtual oversharing. You're gonna be sorry if you don't.

Kendall? Well. It just might be too late for you, girl.  
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