Quotables: Melissa Joan Hart's Memoir is Going to Be Amazing

10/10/2013 9:00 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
"It came out that Blake [Lively] didn't know that Ryan [Reynolds] and I had a make-out session when I was 19. She did know, actually. She reached out to me via email to help her with a birthday present for Ryan! ... People think [this book is] a tell-all, but it's not. I wasn't going to write a book and leave out my mistakes. I'm going to include everything. Some chapters are heartwarming, some are silly. I meant for it and wanted it to be mostly funny." 

--Melissa Joan Hart on her new book, "Melissa Explains It All: Tales From My Abnormally Normal Life," and if her prior discussions about ecstasy and how crappy Ashton Kutcher's basically been his whole entire life didn't sway you to add this to your Christmas wish list, then what are you even asking for? Melissa Gorga's "Love, Italian Style"? Pssh. Get the hell out.
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